About our contracts


Contracts on SlaveKontrakt.dk are NOT legally binding. This means, in short, that you will never be able to sue the other signed party (eg girlfriend, partner, slave, etc.) because she or he has not complied with the contract.

Responsibility Letter

When you purchase a document or contract from SlaveKontrakt.dk, you also acknowledge that it is not a legal document that can be enforced in court. Our contracts are solely for entertainment purposes. They are not legally binding and do not supersede an agreement on matters of property of any kind - neither by persons nor by material objects.

A good advice

You should not enter into a contractual relationship unless both parties agree to it, turn it on, or have it as a lifestyle / lifestyle. Contracts can be a great tool for your desires and boundaries, but BDSM and fetish require an incredible amount of communication as many kinds of emotions are put into play.

How do I download a contract?

When you buy contracts and documents, they will be found in your account here: 'Login> My Orders> Details> Touch the product you want to download'.

What happens when you update the contracts for a newer version?

When you buy a document or contract with us, you can log in and download the latest version at any time - FREE!