Naughty Contracts

Have your BDSM partner or submissive slave sign a BDSM contract or a slave contract that he / she is disciplined and devotes himself to total submission to you. If you are not into bondage, fetish and slave relationships, we also have a sweetheart contract where you can negotiate clear rules and agreements regarding flirts, city tours and assignments in house or apartment. If you are single - and have a sex partner, you can also sign a sex contract for who will come home to whom, when the desire arises - and which of you may need to be bound to the radiator. The new variety is living in an open relationship. Do you have any clear rules for that? Otherwise, we have drawn up a contract for open relationship so that you know exactly what you must and can do to avoid conflicts and jealousy between you.

BDSM Contract
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BDSM ContractLanguage: EnglishVersion: V1.3 (Date: 18-04-2020)Intended for: The Dominant/the submissive (D/s)Gender: All (M/F, F/M, F/F, M/M)Age group: 18+Total pages: 20Download format: A4 PDF-fileCan be edited: Yes